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People. I’ve been taking photos of people again since 2006. I wanted to show them for what they are in my life: different. Loving and sad, contemplating and happy, to catch subtle emotions.

Nature. Nature – a change of weather and landscape, a change of an angle – it is an answer to any state of mind.A unique opportunity arises to discover deeper but familiar meanings when connecting a man and nature in one frame, strengthening everyone’s semantics through internal and external interaction. A shrill feeling! That’s what’s left with you; what you’re thinking about and looking for next.

Music. Music gifts me images and ideas. When I look for an image, I hear the music within, the music that helps me to feel the rhythm and drawing. I am inspired by modern classics…

My fascination with photography began from an early age. At the age of 8, my father gave me my first camera (it was charged with film then). And I took photos of everything, mostly my friends. I didn’t think about the style then, I didn’t set myself tasks, I was just immersed in this magical process of shooting film and developing it afterwards in a red room.

I returned to photography again in the early 2000s thanks to my wife. I am very grateful to her. She was and still is my muse. The two of us were out shooting nature, each other and so I gradually began to return to the photography again, studying it and working in it.

In 2005, I started trying to shoot digital. Of course, it was something new and very convenient, but it didn’t replace the film. Shooting film will always live. It’s a different quality of picture, a different conveyance of mood, it gives you other opportunities for creative solutions. Shooting film still is magic to me (my childhood memories) and an open door to different meanings. You’re looking for a frame, you’re building it, you’re thinking about what you’re shooting, you’re getting imbued with it; you’re taking a photo, and you don’t know the end result until the film is developed. 

‘Contemplation’ is a series of photographs – immersions, getting to know myself.

For me, photography is a salvation from the hustle of life, a conversation, first of all, with myself.

There’s always a photographer’s eye in a good image.